Cab Safety for Gatwick Customers

When looking for a taxi company in Gatwick, it’s always better for travellers to choose a reputable service provider. Roadrunners is a collective of trusted travel partners principally covering the Gatwick and Crawley areas. Whenever you book a cab with Roadrunners, you’ll be in the hands of a reputable service provider that puts the safety of the customer first.


Here, we provide some important safety tips on how to use taxis safely. If you’ve just arrived at Gatwick Airport, or if you live in our service area, we ask that you spend a few moments reading this page. We want you to have a safe journey and to walk away with a great lasting impression of our Gatwick taxi company.


  1. If you’re unfamiliar with the Gatwick area, enquire at the airport, your hotel or an information desk when looking for a reputable taxi company.
  2. Ask somebody to write down your destination if English isn’t your first language. This will make is easier for your cab driver to know exactly where you’re going.
  3. When heading for a night out in Gatwick, Crawley or the local area, know how you’re getting back. Book taxis home for everybody in your group before leaving.
  4. Keep the business card of your favourite taxi company in a wallet or purse. Your Roadrunners cab driver can provide these on request.
  5. Never travel alone in taxis if you’re unfamiliar with the company. Travel in groups or leave your business in the hands of a taxi company in Gatwick you know and trust.
  6. Remember that taxis are still the safest way to travel at night. Make sure nobody overhears you booking a cab. This is how some rogue companies operate.
  7. After ordering taxis, wait and always let the driver approach you. Never get into an unknown vehicle without getting the cab driver to confirm your booking.
  8. If you can’t find a public telephone, only hail taxis in Gatwick in known fleet colours or with recognisable taxi company signage.
  9. Ensure your cab driver has photographic identity and information on display. Never accept rides from any unlicensed taxi company in Gatwick or Crawley.
  10. For longer cab trips, agree the fare in advance. This is for your personal wellbeing and for the benefit of the driver. Always sit in the back seat if possible.


Are you looking for a taxi company in Gatwick? Need to hire a cab in Crawley? Book taxis with Roadrunners now by calling 01293 222222 or 01737 760076.






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